🟥 HOWTO: Setup Redis Server with SSL for use with AI2

i found a video for linux and windows and the port is same like 6379. what im askin is how i connect my redis labs account online which the port is not 6379. hope you help me. tnx

Just follow my written tutorial and it will work.

my os is windows.

You will have to adapt if you are going to run the redis server on Windows. Will you have a public IP address on your Windows OS to set up the SSL certificate ?

Thank you very much for this great tutorial.

Unfortunately it didnt work out for me even I followed all the steps. When I put all the data in the Appinventor there is always an error saying ECONNREFUSED.

Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting ?
How can I check if everything is running correctly ?

Help would be highly appreciated

See this topic, there may be something here that helps...

Excuse my ignorance.
Will running your guide create a server on my machine?
If my machine is off, where will the data be saved?
I don't know anything about servers.

Yes: how to setup a Redis Server

If you mean when running the app and the (Redis) server is not running, this will be up to you as the app developer, either save the data on the device for upload to the redis server when it is running, or prevent the user from using the app / make it clear that no data can be accessed or saved to the server.

i am running your guide but running ssh tim @ command does not make me connect instead using ssh root @ command I was able to connect.
I went all the way to sudo cp / redis-stable / utils / redis_init_script /etc/init.d/redis_6379 but the answer is:no such file or directory

what am I doing wrong?

Well tim is the username for me on my system :slight_smile:

You need to use the username for your system. Do not use root as the file paths will be different.

So what ever you set up as your sudo/admin user on ubuntu is, use that to make a SSH connection. Sorry for any confusion, perhaps I should have put <user> instead of tim.

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You also may be interested...I have started work on an extension for a direct connection to a redis server using http, which can provide all the features that Redis offers. It will be a few weeks though...

my username on ionos is root. come can I change it?

Have you created an admin / sudo user yet? ( e.g. Domenico)

Not, just created the server I ran your guide. i called ionos support and they told me i can change the name via command line

In my guide I do say:

This means that nearly all the work below is done on the command line, and assumes that you have:

  • ssh access to the server
  • an admin user with sudo permissions

See here how to get your server setup

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I followed the guide and created the new "server" user.
after installing the redis server I used the "make test" command and it gives me these errors

Which guide are you following, I do not see

cd src && make all

It also looks like you need to install pkg-config

hi, i'm almost at the end !!
i am running this command: sudo certbot certonly.
when he asks me "<your domain name (for your server)>" what do I post?