How to update the permissions in manifest file

I got the following message from Playstore. Please suggest how to update the permissions.

Issue: Violation of the Permissions policy

You may only request permissions that are necessary to implement critical features or services currently available in your app. You may not use permissions that give access to user or device data for undisclosed, unimplemented, or disallowed features or purposes. SMS and Call Log Permissions are subject to additional restrictions; in order to use these permissions, you must first receive approval from Google Play.


It appears you coded your app using Companion 2.56u and expect it to be automatically accepted by GooglePlay. That will not happen. You probably are using the option to send messages or make phone calls automatically. Google does not permit that normally. You must petition them and explain why you are programming those capabilities. My understanding is they reject most such petitions.

You can post your app on other market places possibly or distribute you app using other methods but cannot use GooglePlay without issues.

You can avoid updating permissions by compiling your app using Companion 2.56, but then your app cannot automatically send sms or phone calls directly.

Peter provided this explanation:
We implemented conditional permissions for Texting and PhoneCall components so apps built with MIT App Inventor will be compliant with new Google Play Store policies. By default, apps using the Texting and PhoneCall components will now launch the device’s default texting and dialer apps. Most app inventors will be able to continue using the existing blocks for their apps.

If you want to build apps that respond to SMS or phone calls, or directly initiate a text or call, you may do so. To send a message or start a call, use the SendMessageDirect and MakePhoneCallDirect blocks, respectively. Receiving texts and calls continues to behave as it did. However, apps built with these behaviors will trigger additional review when being submitted to Google Play.

NOTE: The MIT AI2 Companion distributed through the Google Play Store cannot use the SendMessageDirect or MakePhoneCallDirect blocks. Attempting to use them will result in a permission error. This is due to restrictions imposed by Google (see paragraph above about changes in Google Policies). If you download the Companion directly from the MIT App Inventor system (via the “Help->Companion Information” Menu option) you will get a version that does work with the “Direct” blocks.


how do i gain pemissions on mit app inventor app for microphone access please? i made an app for testing and no permissions are requested :confused: im using web view and it goes to my sites url ok but the voice chat app i made hasnt got mic access :confused:

I think, the Custom WebView Extension by vknow360 offers that feature? Am I correct, @vknow360?


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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
That is why it needs api 21, otherwise I wanted it to support api 19 too.

Please explain, what has this to do with the API level?

The Permission Request Class was added in API 21 and I did not get any alternative(except defining var as Object which I don't want) so it needs android lollipop.

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Thank you.