How to uninstall other apps

Eureka… Now it worked… as pointed out by @Boban i should build it. It wont work in companion. Thanks @anke, Taifun vknow360 here is final code… must built it to run…
uninstall (5).aia (15.2 KB)

Here is working code snippest.

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Of course not with Companion, because the permission (REQUEST_DELETE_PACKAGES) is not declared in Companion (apk).

And as I already said, you cannot uninstall a pre-installed system app (like YouTube). There is no problem to unintall all other apps.

Btw, if you post the same story also in the Kodular forum, then at least let us know.

Here is a test aia: un_installAPK.aia (3.0 MB)

Note : InstallApp does not seem to work on Android > 5:

See also here:

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