How to read these jpg file in phone directory as image component

i can read the list of image files in the directory but cant display it as image using image component. How can i display the image file ?

(select image lispicker)

(screen to display)

Where are the files located? In which directory? The ASD or /Pictures or somewhere else? What is the Android version of your phone?

and this is my blocks

files located in the external storage, /storage/emulated/0/FHTCPassport/
i use android 12

  1. Please post your blocks in high quality next time by right clicking and "Download Blocks as PNG". Your image is blurry and not very readable.

  2. It is the best recommendation for Android > 9 devices to use the ASD instead of /storage/emulated/0/FHTCPassport/.

  3. If this directory is not created by your app, or if the images are not created by your app, you may not be able to access it. Save it to somewhere like /Download and try again, or else use the ASD.

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  1. ListPicker.SelectionIndex is a number, not a file name.
  2. Give the Image.Picture a full path of an image.

The canvas save well to the ASD, but it not appear in the listpicker1
Did i doing wrong ? (the btnsave1 is from other screen)

Not working ;(

What about show the result of the Cavas.SaveAs to a label to check what's the real full path?

And there are many blocks, you need to check one by one to find out which block not working. Rather to post all block here, then only said "Not working".

it is not about to save the canvas, i just cant retrieve the canvas that i saved to display it as picture in the i to do so ?

thanks to @Gordon_Lu @Kevinkun @Anke for giving clues, finally my blocks running well and the image is displayed

Of course, it is / was:

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