How to modify an Appybuilder offline app to be API 29 ready?

Sir I am a Big Fan of your Development Skills. I have used many plugins ou created.
I am in a big problem now and need your help.

I was using Appybuilder for a long time. Then they closed the platform and I started to use the Offline Appybuilder. The offline Appybuilder only creates apps with API 28 max. But Playstore is asking for API 29. I have 2 apps that were created by Appybuilder offline. Now I am in serious trouble.
I want Appybuilder Offline with API 29. I searched the Internet. Unable to find any.
Can you upgrade it to API 29?
or if there any option to do that? Please suggest.
Thank You Sir.

see this thread about how to modify the manifest


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