How to FIX Error 908

Hello friends...
I do not understand what needs to be done to overcome the glitch, is there an online guide that can help me?
Is it possible to send a message to my mobile phone as an alert?



Google has introduced a raft of security measures. One of them was to deny 3rd Party Apps the ability to send SMS directly - the App has to pass the msg to the device's messenger instead.

So if you use App Inventor's SendMessage, that's what should happen. This means that Google will accept your App for the Google Play Store. If your App is not going to be distributed via Google Play, you can use App Inventor's SendMessageDirect.

Both of the App Inventor functions should already have the permissions sorted. You can try:

From the Help:

Hi Chris..Thanks for the response
Sorry but it still does not work ...
If there is an instructional video for this?
Look My goal is to give an alert via SMS Is this possible?

Ido Bason

It is possible, yes. The carriers though still deny responsibility for getting an alert message to it's destination within reasonable time and so it cannot be relied upon (their words). However, if you are in the middle of an emergency and you have a mobile phone, of course you are going to use it.

Upload your Blocks, one of the power users can take a look for you. Right-Click in the Blocks work area and select "download blocks as image".

Hi there..
I built a clock, when the date and time are the same then an alert is received.
As described:

I do not understand what is missing, or what is wrong.

I get an error message:

I would be happy for support.


Does the same happen with a compiled app ?

Hello there ...
Thanks for the quick response, the app is not ready yet, but I tried to run it that way.
But it did not work it gave the same mistake.

Regards Ido!searchin/mitappinventortest/Finished$20authentication|sort:date/mitappinventortest/5fS6IN28XOQ/NqPixG1cDgAJ