How to deploy App-Inventor on aws service!

Hello Everyone,
Actually I researched a lot about how to deploy app inventor source on aws service, but I didn’t get a proper step or implementation how to do so!

So can anyone tell me step by step how to deploy ai2 on aws service?

Kunal Mishra

This topic should answer most of your questions related to hosting your own App Inventor instance.

Thanks for that ,
But I want to know how to to host in Amazon Web Service !

As Evan pointed out in the topic I shared, App Inventor is made out of multiple moving parts.

You will not be able to host every part on AWS. To give you an example, the appengine directory in the sources can only be hosted on Google App Engine. To my knowledge, the buildserver doesn’t have to be hosted on anything specific. Documentation on how to host your own buildserver on a Ubuntu Server can be found here. There are off course more parts to App Inventor then just these two, as Evan also pointed out in the topic I shared, but these are just to give an example.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a step-by-step guide on how to host your own App Inventor instance. I would recommend being more specific in your questioning. Which part of App Inventor is it you would like to host? I hope to have answered your question. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.


Maybe you can take a look at this

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