HOW: Make a log records in the MIT app on every interaction with the Arduino sensors

May I ask if anyone knows how to make a log records in the app on every interaction with the Arduino sensors. For example a motion is detected in PIR motion sensor, it should appear in the log records with timestamp, then when light is captured in light intensity sensor, it should appear also in the log records. I tried searching for this topic, but had a hard time finding a discussion about it. Please help me, thanks!
Something like the pic attached at the bottom.

where do you want to save the log?

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I would want to save the log inside the mit app inventor. The idea is that every interaction from the arduino components.

Thanks for this! Will try it first and remind you if it works

Do you have any idea how to make it automatically logs the data?

In each of those samples, I made the logger a procedure call.

So call the procedure with your incoming data at the place where it arrives, usually in your Clock1.Timer event and inside some if/then tests that verify that you got data.
(You did not show us those.)