How does the component (canvas) widht, height auto size work?

I wonder how does component's in my case canvas width height auto size work (with bckgrnd image)?
I thought if i set one of height or widht tho other's size will became acording to the picture Widht/height ratio, but doesnt seems to work that way.Weirdly it is work like this on a high resolution screen like 12001024, but on a smaller device with about 600340 screen it is not. So what is the truth behind this?

This might help:

Thank you!
In the end i managed to fit to the correct size, but i just wonder what auto is good for.
In my experience never do what i want.

Automatic sizing should work, as long as the image size does not exceed the screen size (dpi)

The images are created with the app's component to image extension from an Arrangement. I don't know what dpi is used on save, but i tried with 3 device. It is true the arrangement contains 300dpi images but every device save the pic with his own resolution (dont know the dpi, i just seen the pixels). And every device load his own saved image. Again, I don't know how the extension save the image, and usually the image saving works, i'm just guessing.

I am talking about the dpi of the screen of the device. The screen size may be, for example, 1280 x 2400 pixels but with a pixel density of 420. (This means the screen, as far as a canvas goes, will be 420 pixels wide). Any images wider than 420 pixels will get squished!

I have found it works best to set the canvas dimensions in Screen1.Initialise or in a later blocks. You may need a clock (@ 100msecs) after setting the dimensions to give the canvas time to catch up with the new settings.

Ok. I understand now. thanks

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