How do you use Look Extension with a external usb camera?

I want to use the look extension (used to identify objects using ai) with an external usb camera. How to do that?

I think you may need to change that through the camera settings

The settings of?

The camera settings

I am new to the app inventor, can you please brief me how to do this, its really urgent.

Open settings app on your phone and find camera options

That is not possible, android doesn't provide any option to change the default hardware. it can be only be done by jailbreaking and making changes with the kernel, or if there's a solution to changing the primary camera to the external usb cam, please mention.

After sometime I am telling you. please wait.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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May I ask that you'll be telling anytime soon or after some time? sorry for bothering.

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after sometime actually. i have some school work right now

no problem :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks a lot

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Hey, is it possible now?

All it turns out.. I guess answer is no. You have to do that by modding Android and coding the app

If this is an extension for App Inventor Apps, then the person to ask would be the extension developer.

You can write your own App to use an external USB or Bluetooth or WiFi type camera with a microcontroller.

Example Tutorial:

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