How do you set app inventor latest version offline?

I have failed to install latest version of app inventor because of low knowledge on understanding setup.

I need your help start from environment setup

I have set as shown in guideline but still not work

any error message?

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I dont know what to say exactly but when i run winstartAIServer.cmd only blink

You are running an offline by a third party. Ask the author pls.
We don't give support for this.

I have download another one from official website it stack here

MIT AppInventor do not have offline version officially.
@Anke have gave you where you need to go.

further to what Anke and Kevin have already told you, by reading your last screenshot, it seems that the batch procedure has launched an Internet call at the address 127:0:0:1:004. When you execute the cmd, have you the Internet access available ? Could you verify it ?

in effect the is the "localhost" address, this means that the PC is trying to connect itself like if it was a web address..I'm sorry but my related knowledge is really little about these details.
Please take a look to the links that Anke has posted before.