How do you Open Share Dialog Box from Within the WebViewer Extension?

I have made an entire app and its functionality using html,css and Js. Then I use the WebViewer extension to display the app. I have placed a share button like this.

  <div class="bottom-item-article">
    <i class="fas fa-share-alt"></i>

How to ensure that it opens the "Share" diablog box? Sharing componenet is already added in the app

You need to set the webviewstring with the data/url you want to share, then collect this using the webviewstringChanged event in the AI2 app, and also then invoke sharing

seehere for example (this for setting text in a web page, though)


seehere Taifun's canonical on the webviewstring :wink:

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Taifun's post and your suggested blocks helped a lot. Thanks

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