How do you make a search bar?

How do u make a search bar for an application, and when the item name shows up during the search u can click it and it brings u to a page?

what do you want to search? from where? how to show the result?and it will brings you to where?

Search some pages and when u click it will bring to another page

that did not answer my questions.
you are searching from what? from a list? from a long text?

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Welcome Natasha.

Something like is discussed here might work for you. How do I "search Pharmacia near me"?

Ohh i meant searching for screens, yes, yes
When searching, it would show up words that will lead u to screens when clicked

Screens only have data rendering logic, maybe with the help of label, image some other way. Your content may be in a list or maybe outside the application I mean to say cloud DB or some other API you are your extracting date.

So whatever textbox, you would be providing user to inputs :mag_right: and there would be a find button and on click event of find button you can search data from your source and you can say it is found or not found, or you can hilight that text.

Im not sure on how to do that. is there a way i could make a search bar like this but when i click on the labels it would take me to a screen App Inventor 2 Tutorial - Building A Custom Search Engine - YouTube

There shouldn't be so many screens that a search facility would be required............

Presently, you have three choices:

Remember the subtleties for the inquiry.
Remember the subtleties for the remarks, and connection the remark as a source.
Remember the subtleties for a Google Docs record or Word Online document, and connection it as a source.