How do you make a alarm which will work even if app is closed?

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Not possible with App Inventor 2 Blocks Jay. When the app is closed? App Inventor apps cannot run as a Service (that means run in the background) . Even if app is closed is the problem.

What you can do

the alarm extension is able to do it

See here:

Of course, that is now possible (since the last AI2 update: nb184). But you need an extension for that.

The developer of the extension also added a Foreground Service:

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sir where i find extension that open the app automatically not by clicking the user.

You can not your app automatically but you can open another's app with your app with this extension

sir is there event when user closing the app??

thanks sir. is [App Launcher Extension applicable in mit app inventor??

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Yes ofose, App Inventor extension work in Kodular and kodular in App Inventor may some extensions do not work

Yes, this extension detect that Is app is close or not
Extension - Activity Lifecycle of an app (onPause → onStop → onResume)

What a coincidence, I was testing the feature for one of my extensions yesterday.

The app is tested with Kodular but it should work with Ai2 also.
I don't know if it's going off-topic, as the topic is about the alarm, I just thought to post the video.

sir i mean the event when user closing the app so that i write a command and execute it before the app is closed.

So use When screen1 BackPressed
then call your command
then closeApplication

sir i appreciate your time.. but what i mean is when user use the recent button and close the app on that way. is there event on that sir. because im using taifunwifi sir. so that when user close the app the ssid and password will automatically removed.

Did you try this one

see in the extension that I give you first

did your extension has capability to run the other extension event even when the app closed?

Yes it will work

sir is there event when user close the app in the recent button.