How do you get text from webviewer?

I did all of that, also for me it looks strange. Also i don’t have specific competences with html so i will do it in winsock style as i already did for other routines because any single thing keeps me blocked for hours googling.
Sorry so much for disturbing all, thanks again!!!

Thanks for the help

my question is very similar to this topic, I plan to use a screen for a webviewer to open a website (that i have control over). When some operations on the website by the app user is done, the site will output sth saying "successful". I need to pass such text to the app inventor app. From the discussion in this topic, it sounds that i should be able to do it, but the topic creater appeared to have discontinued on this path. Im interested in giving it a try, but never used webviewstring.


It seems to be straightforward, will give it a try. Thanks.