How do you fix Spinner version problem?

I can`t upload my project, and have this problem. How i can fix ut?
Screenshot 2023-03-30 170049

We don't know, you haven't shared any relevant blocks, or indicated where you might have got Spinner version 2 from. As far as I know, there is and only ever has been one Spinner component. Please provide more information / detail....

I have an open source project.
GyverRGB.aia (637.8 KB)
I am looking for a chanse to open and edit it. Internet told me that i can use MIT for this task, but when i tried to did it, it showed me message "Unalbe to load project with Spinner version 2(maximum known version is 1)"

You won't load this project into AppInventor because it was created in Thunkable. AppInventor doesn't have many of the components that are in Thunkable. Use Thunkable.

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Try this one GyverRGB.aia (637.6 KB)

I have tried already. In Thunkable.... they dont have reverse function, you cant IMPORT something in it, you can only compile. Internet told me that i can do it here, here i have a problem too :slight_smile:

It works! Thank you. One more quetion. Can i see the source CODE of my app, or i can only edit it by using GUI?

Yes that is correct.