How do you find the errors efficiently?

Hi everybody,

If this is a beginners issue, please forgive.
But when I have an environment like this (see project picture below with 9 indicated errors) how can I find those errors, without the need to expand all blocks / every single block one by one? It would be of great help if Error-Icons were shown on those block headlines where they are located.


Collapse blocks only when you are sure that everything is fine with them and there are no errors. There is currently no method for this.

Thank you for your quick answer. But warnings ARE shown, so why not the same behavior for errors?

The triangles on the error counters are next/prev buttons.

I use the Clean up Blocks option for vertical scrolls and collapse only when error free.

expand all blocks, clean up blocks,
then click here:

Thank you all very much. And your tips are surely right and helpful. But in my case first everything was fine, till I started changing something, ignored the shown warnings an errors, continued changing... In German I would say: "Jetzt haben wir den Salat!" which means something like "Now we are in (I'm having the) big trouble..." :wink:

As much as I dislike flogging dead horses, I too have some issues with this topic.
Sometimes I will have thousands of blocks to look through. It can take an incredible amount of time to find one error. I always try to 'Find' from the side bar menu, but it finds only what is expanded. If, as you recommend, close all known good blocks, the Find will never, well, find. My typical tact currently is to expand all blocks, and click on the arrows to go to the error. If the block with the error is collapsed within the block, it will not highlight the error, so I invariably have to expand all the blocks within the block to find the error.
This is all good, albeit a real time gobbler. My big issue here is that with thousands of blocks open, my system becomes extremely unstable. I have found that if I right click and execute a command, I have to count to 20 in my head before doing anything else. (I put that down to time lapse between me and MIT) If I go too fast, anything can happen. Once, I inadvertently, no clue how, created 7 copies of all blocks. It took a day to sort that mess out. It created over 10,000 blocks. Even scrolling the screen took up to 10 seconds to move.
Yes, I have some issues with my chrome book, I daren't even try on on my windows box, that's a whole other stack of tissues.
Anyway, I am droning on.
What would really help, if at the very least, clicking 'next' or previous' on the find error arrows would highlight the offending block.
Just a thought. Cheers

(sometimes after months of developing, I discover a more effective method of data processing which can lead to editing a subroutine, or procedure, even eliminating at times. This can lead to errors elsewhere in blocks that either send or expect to receive data in return. If a procedure gets eliminated, the calling blocks then says "none", instead of being removed.
Sorry, rambling again.)

Any errors should be in the last blocks your wrote, because you test as you go, don't you ?

Usually, yes Tim, but months after the fact whilst updating the app with customer requests, it isn't that simple.

If you can install it in your web browser, this browser extension is tailored for AI2 and has two good Find facilities.

What I posted above still applies :wink:

Th AI2 helper is great tool, thanks for that ABG. Searching for blocks is a doddle now.