How do you fill a ListView with fields contents from SQLite

No. In this case it is not necessary.

Well it maybe if you want to display these in the listview ?

Alternatively, given you are somehow using these two words to build the select query, store these to variables, then they can be used to help build the listview.

It would really help (everyone!) if you stopped changing things after asking your initial question.

Ok, I'm sorry.

Therefore, assuming you are now using column headers, and your data is returned like so:

[[["obra", "1.1.22 COROADOS"], ["cliente", "CONSDON ENGENHARIA E COMERCIO LTDA"]], [["obra", "4.3.22 BURITIZAL"], ["cliente", "NEOCOGEC"]]]

These blocks should produce your listview as requested (remember to set the listview to Main text and Detail text (vertical) in the Designer, and you need a Web component for the JsonTextDecode block)


You can return as many records as you wish for these blocks

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Thank you! That was the solution!!! And thanks to all who helped me on this!! I really apreciated.

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