How do you Export html table to Excel File?

hello, i tried both methods, but i get error 908 on my phone ( android 13), i tried bypassing it but still the same.. here are my blocks, any suggestions?

Hello, i'm trying to make my app to export data to .xls or .xlsx format, in order to take this data afterwards and feed it to another pc programm. I know already , that there are alternatives such as writing to a google spreasheet, or exporting directly to internal storage in csv format, but to avoid confussion by the end user i want the app to export my list in this format to shared folder such as /Downloads. I also tried to do this by using @Juan_Antonio 's HTML_Tabla_EXCEL.aia with a few modifications, but i got an error 908 code. Any thoughts or solutions?? Thanks in advance!

Me, I would upload the data to a google sheet, then provide the user with a direct download link that result in an xlsx file being downloaded to their device.

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To set the parameter file to something does not make sense, use for example a label instead
Find out the value of file, you also can use a label for that
Set the scope to App and use a relative path relative to ASD to copy the file


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