How do you directly message someone on this forum

I couple of members have helped me out greatly in the past. I also have questions for a member that posted and .aia that is very similar to what I want to do. But I cannot see a way to message them directly.



I hope it's not me.

Personal messages pile up like regrets for me.


Hello John - it's far better to open a new Topic for everyone to see. If your title and description are good, your Topic will attract interest from many people willing to help.

Please don't send private messages to Power Users unless invited - there is no guarantee that the PU you write to is available! We are a small team collectively supporting thousands of Users.


Thanks everyone. I wanted to thank a couple of the users directly that helped me in the past. Most importantly I had a question for SteveJG on his social distancing tutorial but I will just add my question to his thread or start a new one.