How do you convert html5 game to app inventor apk?

Hello Everyone,

How to convert html5 game to app inventor apk and make it [ work offline ] ?

What is the best approach to accomplish that , and if there's special developer who can make a tool to do this please contact me.

Thank you all.

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Hello Don

Are there any online dependencies in the HTML5 code? If not, it would be possible to store the HTML5 document in the App's Media (Assets) and display/run with an enhanced Web viewer component:

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You mean does it connect to somewhere else , no it's normal html5 game which it works offline perfectly but the problem is that it has plenty of javascript files , which it seems hard to embed in app inventor , I wonder if someone can create extension or an app that converts those html5 files into aia app inventor project compatible , it will be great project and addition

Just embed them in the HTML file.

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do you mean copy and paste them just before the end of </body> ?



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