How do you connect your chat to a google cloudb and others?

To use my chat app, I would need a cloudb that can handle more message traffic than the appinventor cloudb.
Furthermore, I have not yet been able to understand how many users will be able to connect at the same time and how much text it is possible to send at most.

To avoid risks I would like to connect to another cloudb, but I don't know which one to choose, I would like to choose the one from Google out of respect for those who allow me to have fun programming, so can you tell me which would be the best and at the lowest price?

But the most important and difficult part for me will be, how will I connect my app to the new cloudb.

I state that it would be useless to tell me to follow some instructions that I find on the net, because I tried and for me when I read some technical terms, they are incomprehensible, even if I translate them into my language, so there is someone who can follow me step by step.

Even recognizing a euro token?
Thank you all.

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There are quite a few databases. You want a database that functions on a REST API, right?

Hello, and thank you for your always helpful availability.
I've been trying to figure out if that site and their platforms are useful for rme, but I'm back to square one.
However I contacted them explaining my problem I hope they answer clearly, but I see it very difficult.
I not only need the cloud and a company to save me, but also support for integrating with the app.

The app I was talking about uses the code of this .aia file attached, which is on the net or I think I found it in this forum, but I don't remember well.
Of course, I have made many updates and many changes, which in the current .aia file do not appear because they are not necessary.

So I repeat, I just need to be helped to replace the cloudb with another cloud that allows me to send multiple messages at the same time.
In short, what will I have to insert instead of the data that appears in the image once I have access to the other cloudb?
chat.aia (21.3 KB)

You cannot do what you want to do (different cloudDB databases) if you are using the MIT CloudDB. It will always return the same token. Use different tag structures instead e.g.


I hope your advice is the right one, but sorry, but I don't understand what you mean, should I use two or three cloudb components in the same app?
Did I get it right? Or you can make an example with pictures.

One cloudDB component.

Store your first set of tags under DB1/tag1, DB1/tag2 etc

Store your second set of tags under DB2/tag1, DB2/tag2 etc

Everything will come back with a tagList call, but you can then organise by testing with DB1 or DB2

Also see here

Thanks for your time, you are very kind in wanting to help me.
Maybe I haven't explained my problem well.

If you view the file.aia you will understand that the chat app I already made it, and already makes use of the two tags you indicated to me.
The chat is the same as that of the connections you indicated to me.

My problem is that if I rent a cloudb to replace the Google cloudb which is inserted as a component in the app. you see in the image.

  1. I don't know which cloudb to rent
  2. once I have decided which one, I don't know how to configure it, to connect my chat to the Cloudb.

I think if there is someone who can explain it step by step with pictures or a video, it would be useful for many of us.

You probably won't be renting a cloudDB, but a redis instance. There are many commercial offerings, difficult to recommend one:

Some work done a while ago found that most commercial offerings of a redis database did not work with SSL using the MIT cloudDB component, even from redisLabs themselves.

You may have more success building your own redis server to work with the cloudDB component

or forget about the cloudDB component and try this:

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It could be I am confused by your use of cloudb / clouddb, when you actually mean Google Cloud SQL or Google Cloud Storage ?

In fact you are surely right, I can't explain why I don't understand the terms used, so what seems to me an object will surely be another object for you and therefore, I realize that it is difficult to help me.
Anyway, thank you very much, having to keep up with the explanations is already a titanic undertaking.

Now I will follow the other advice of the redis, but I already know that I will understand very little.
What seems absurd to me, however, is the difficulty encountered when there are such problems, Google should increase its efforts to make everything easier, such as inserting a component that automatically connects to external servers, perhaps one of its own. creation already set up to receive the connection to the component, even paying as for other servers. We hope you think about it.

Firebase Realtime Database or Firebase Firestore is probably the way to go.

I will try to follow the explanations in the pages you indicated, but I see it very very difficult, I have already tried and for me it is Aramaic, imagine then, to understand the terms used.

I wanted to ask you, if you were able to do this configuration using my .aia file then it will be easy for me to replace the file with the final one. Of course by paying for the trouble.

Can you provide this?