How do you change Package name?

Default package name in AI2 appinventor.ai_{email}.{app_name} while offline versions of AI2 offer a different and non branding package name prefix such as . But you don't have an option to set completely customizable package name like we get in Kodular or Niotron.
Though activity class can't be changed even there as it will break a lot of things.

For example which one not?


Does it has any field to set package name in designer?

Yes of course.


open app in LuckyPatcher and show activity.

Sorry maybe I won't have understood what you are all suggesting to do, but when I have to change the name of the apk all I do is:

  1. eg: The apk has the name foo.apk
  2. I save the whole project with the new name (Alberto.apk) that I intend to give
  3. and correct the name in the properties screen
    So I have a new package with the new name, fine.
    If I misunderstood, excuse me.

The main problem is to change the first snippets of the package name like ai.mitappinventor.projectname to

Unfortunately I find it hard to understand, I am not yet able to understand what you are asking, not being an appinventor professional, but I try to give you one last piece of advice and then I withdraw, apologizing to everyone, for having had the iarrogance to be able to solve a problem, when I don't even know how to solve mine.

However, when I have to replace something within the project, I download winrar, compress the .aia file and view the file where I am interested in replacing a data with the notepad, then I save it in winrar and close everything. Then I unzip the .aia file and reload it in appinventor.

If I still don't understand, I humbly apologize and get out of the way. hello and good day everyone.

However, I hope that these further tips can be used by others to do other interesting things.

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