How do you center an image?

I can no figure out how to center an image I have tried everything!! :confused:

What have you tried?

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What do you want to centre the image in relation to? The Screen? An Arrangement ?

Centre horizontally, vertically or both ?

Unfortunately that was not enough. :wink:

I have tried to look on the internet nothing, all the arrangements and stuff.

The screen.

Ha thanks :laughing:

Show your blocks / Designer settings.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 1.18.28 PM

"It looks like you should learn the basics" first ...

Oh okay thanks I will try that someday! I will check back in if I did it!!!!!!!

Based on your image Madeline, you might want to do something like this

If not, please provide a more detailed explanation about whether you want to center a Sprite on a Canvas, and Image control on your Screen or what. The solution is different depending on what and where you want to 'center'. :astonished:

Thanks so much!

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