How do you calculate correct answers and wrong answers in a quiz app?

Didn't understand, how to do it ?

I tried to apply a generic click event to your 4 answer buttons in screen3, then discovered you had several sets of 4 buttons each in that screen, and i did not have the language skills to tell which was right.

Here is the generic button click event I wrote, to replace the Samanya1-4 click events.
FirstMarathiEnglishQuizAppABG.aia (111.1 KB)

Your Screen3 is too complex for me to work with, with so many extra buttons in a language I don't understand.

P.S. Please read through the logic of this generic answer button handler and tell me if it makes sense to you.

P.P.S. It might be necessary for you to turn off button feedback for your 4 answer buttons in the Designer, in case the click animation interferes with background color replacement.

P.P.P.S. What is the difference between the two global variables CurrentflagSamanya and QuestionNumberSamanya? Why do you need two variables?

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Thank You So much It Works. You are genius.
It reduces some blocks.
In my project I made 4 List for options, 1 list for questions and 1 for answers so If I take 25 question then there might be 150 blocks only for quiz answer and options. That is why I want to develop quiz app as Taifun made. to make list for option in one csv
Can this logic work with this type of list as shows in Image blocks.

As shown in image, Can be implemented nextQuestion procedure in my app ?

I am sharing aia which you create for me with some modifications . Now I made it in English.FirstMarathiEnglishQuizAppABG.aia (106.5 KB)

Your nextQuestion procedure looks solid.

I did not bother opening your .aia file yet, as you did not report any problem with it, and I have not yet caught up with the overnight postings.

I am doing this but not getting expected result . What is wrong with blocks

FirstMarathiEnglishQuizApp_copy.aia (117.1 KB)

Show us the misbehavior so we can know what to look for.

Unless you are willing to wait for some one who understands your language to come along, an English version of your demo would be more likely to get a helpful response.

Also, some text describing

  • how you wanted it to react vs
  • how it actually reacted

would be helpful.

FirstMarathiEnglishQuizApp_copy.aia (128.4 KB)
Please have a look, I make demo in English.
You have helped me a lot. If this query will be solved, I am ready to publish app due to your help.
App misbehave as I shown in video

I chose the Profession quiz, and did not see any questions appear on the screen.

I looked for a Question Label in the Designer, but did not find one.


This is a basic quiz, it is in Spanish, maybe you can get some ideas.

The questions, the options and the result are in a file:

Capital of France,Madrid,Paris,Roma,Paris

alea means that every time you Click in btn_Siguiente, the options are presented in random order.

borrar_p55A_preguntas_tipo_test_archivo.aia (4.1 KB)


Thank you so much for your help. Finally I got solution. Its all because of you.