How do I use the "Get All TinyDB Extension" by @Juan_Antonio?

Dear @Juan_Antonio , may I ask you about another extension here, because I didn't find corresponding topic. I'm using your extension "Get all TinyDB Extension", which converts TinyDB into JSON. In the Companion I have old TinyDB from my previos project, and extension reads it fine. But, after compilation it doesn't work. Data is writing into TinyDB, I can control it with blocks, but JSON is empty as well CSV. I tested it on Android 5 and Android 12 and have no any idea what can I do...

Here "location_service" - is a tag in TinyDB, numbers after - value of this tag. JSON - the json from TinyDB obtained with this function:

I got it... It because I'm using Namespace different from TinyDB1. Is it possible to modify a little the extension and add possibility to define Namespace which used by extension?

I'll take a look at it.

Modified the Json and Csv blocks with namespace.

KIO4_GetAllTinyDB.aia (24.5 KB)

com.KIO4_GetTinyDB.aix (10.6 KB)



If I save out the data from one namespace, how can I restore it, but to a different namespace?

e.g. namespace saved = TinyDBcsv namespace to restore = tdbcsv

or am I being thick/stupid (I believe I am), and you simply set a namespace then restore the data ?

This extension for reading. It allow to read data from TinyDB in background for some reasons.

In this version it copies a csv file from the asset to ASD and then loads it into the namespace: Tiny_ONE

KIO4_GetAllTinyDB_CSV.aia (24.5 KB)

com.KIO4_GetTinyDB.aix (10.6 KB)


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