How do I use MIT app inventor's background task extension which helps the app to run in background?

BTW can you also suggest me an firebase extension which I can use to do what I want to

As said before, you cannot interact with UI components from the background :sleeping:

can you suggest me a firebase extension for that


can you tell me what's wrong in this

You are using old version of Itoo.

can i do something with this code as you are also using API to get something
WebFetch.aia (428.4 KB)

but i want to get from firebase :sweat_smile:

I do not know about Firebase API, why dont you try out yourself, just replace the URL with your firebase API call.

let me try

I get an firebase extension in which firebase url and api can be changed from the blocks also.

Please try that yourself, I cannot help you with complete blocks

Ok, thank you for your help and also for the extension but can you tell me the latest version of itoo or background task extension(which i should use).

can this work ?

BackgroundTasks is deprecated, and used nomore

Ok so I should use itoo

is your extension suit to sdk 31

This extension is deprecated use the iToo extension

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