How do I use list data to populate spinner?

I am trying to create an app where I can add names to list and then use those names to populate a couple spinners. There will be a button to "save" the choices, and then I'd like to be able to collect the data from the current screen and put it on a different screen.

I've got everything set up except for connecting the list, the spinners, and the data sent to a second screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where have you got stuck, this all sounds fairly straight forward ?

Show your relevant blocks.....

Basically I'm trying to add employee names to the "employee list" and then be able to choose them in the spinners underneath "choose employees below", but can't figure out how to pull that data from the list and put it into the spinner.


In its most basic form:


For more complete use:

Thank you! That worked great.

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