How do I use json?

I didn't understand how to use json pls help

Where to use ? Where is the json ?

Questions seems unclear


You can convert JSON to dictionary blocks in App Inventor.

Take this JSON as an example:

  "name": "Tim Beaver",
  "likes": ["dams", "engineering"],
  "hasTowel": true,
  "widgets": 42

This JSON is equivalent to the following dictionary blocks.


To turn a JSON to a dictionary, use this block from the Web component.


For example:

Also, you can read our FAQ section.

Next time, please remember to search the community first.

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See the topic category it says about who are developing MIT App Inventor,

I changed the category to MIT App Inventor Help.

Open Source Development is for users who are developing MIT App Inventor, not for those who are developing with App Inventor.

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I know Typo error

Hey thanks everyone it helped me a lot

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