How do I use extension: Notification Style by Jarlisson?

As the topic.
I would like to make a notifications with the above plug but I have a problem. I would like to make notifications with the above plug but I have a problem. I would like notifications to be turned on with a switch.

The switch would turn on the notification, but the switch position must be stored in the TinyDB database only after clicking on Save Button. The application must download data from the database each time it is launched and set the switch to the saved position. I thought that this block arrangement should work, but it doesn't.

The notification itself, after inclusion, must appear on the twenty-fifth day of each month. I used a clock component for this with the day of the month selection.

call.Clock1.DayOf.Month instant=25 I know it is wrong

The problem is that the notification starts as soon as you flip the switch instead of on the 25th of the month. What's more, after clicking on the push notification, the Settings screen opens, and I would rather launch a specific screen.
In addition, invoking an application from push notifications causes the screen to reopen instead of calling it. So there is a problem with closing the application.

What did I do wrong?

I know that in the clock I should try to figure it out with "instant". But how?

that extension is not able to run as service and display a notification at a defined time in the future...
depending on your needs, my alarmmanager extension could help to get what you need...

well, and additionally you have to create some logic to find the correct instant for that day in future... as you found out yourself, it does not work like that... someone else might have a good idea to get that as simple as possible...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

@Taifun Ok, I will buy it. I hope you will help me to set it up.

edit// Just bought.

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