How do I save a track with the voce and the karaoke sono in the internal memory?

You need to set it before recording, e.g.:

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I have setted the save path to "/storage/emulated/0/Music/" but the track is not saved .. is it possible that it is because I have an Italian phone? what can I do?

Is there a directory called Music on your phone? Use the File browsing app that is on your phone to find that directory. To save to Music, there must be a directory named Music.

So, does that directory exist on your phone Jacopo?

Maybe you have to ask for WRITE permission (with this ext.):


But couldn't you save the file to internal memory?

No, assets can only be read.

sure, both in the internal memory and in the SD there is the Music folder.

I tried, but it still doesn't work.

OK. Does the folder contain your created file?

If not, try using an absolute path instead of /storage/emulated/0/Music/ ; perhaps try file:///mnt/sdcard/Music/

Post your blocks or better the aia.

Ok, I have uploaded the current .aia file on mediafire at this link:

The max. size of an aia is 10 MB in Ai2:


Or you have to use (< 50 MB).

so what should I do?

  1. This are the correct blocks:

  2. As I said use this server: or see here:

  3. How to build a big app / APK: max. 100 MB (Play Store limit)

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ok .. my mistake was that after "/ storage / emulated / 0 / Music /" I didn't write the file name. It is now saved but ... in .raw format and not .waw. After "/ storage / emulated / 0 / Music /" and after the title of the file, I also wrote ".waw" and the result was "Song.waw.raw" and .raw is the current file extension. how to do?

As I said you have to use all the blocks I have shown you (also the WavSoundRecorder.Stop method).
After the recorder is stopped, you will see the .wav extension (e.g.: myRecord.wav).

Ok I solved but there is another problem. When I set the save path and at the end of the file name I write ".waw", ".waw" is part of the name of the song. Then the song is saved without any extension. how can I do?

Unclear, explain in more detail, examples, ...

ok i had written waw instead of wav😅sorry really. The audio quality is really better and now my app works !! One last question: is there a component that can recognize if headphones have been inserted into the mobile phone or not?

if you are looking for an extension you always can do a search in the extensions directory yourself here

see for example


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