How do I save a track with the voce and the karaoke sono in the internal memory?

I have setted the save path to "/storage/emulated/0/Music/" but the track is not saved .. is it possible that it is because I have an Italian phone? what can I do?

Is there a directory called Music on your phone? Use the File browsing app that is on your phone to find that directory. To save to Music, there must be a directory named Music.

So, does that directory exist on your phone Jacopo?

Maybe you have to ask for WRITE permission (with this ext.):


But couldn't you save the file to internal memory?

No, assets can only be read.

sure, both in the internal memory and in the SD there is the Music folder.

I tried, but it still doesn't work.

OK. Does the folder contain your created file?

If not, try using an absolute path instead of /storage/emulated/0/Music/ ; perhaps try file:///mnt/sdcard/Music/

Post your blocks or better the aia.

Ok, I have uploaded the current .aia file on mediafire at this link:

The max. size of an aia is 10 MB in Ai2:


Or you have to use (< 50 MB).

so what should I do?

  1. This are the correct blocks:

  2. As I said use this server: or see here:

  3. How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB

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ok .. my mistake was that after "/ storage / emulated / 0 / Music /" I didn't write the file name. It is now saved but ... in .raw format and not .waw. After "/ storage / emulated / 0 / Music /" and after the title of the file, I also wrote ".waw" and the result was "Song.waw.raw" and .raw is the current file extension. how to do?

As I said you have to use all the blocks I have shown you (also the WavSoundRecorder.Stop method).
After the recorder is stopped, you will see the .wav extension (e.g.: myRecord.wav).

Ok I solved but there is another problem. When I set the save path and at the end of the file name I write ".waw", ".waw" is part of the name of the song. Then the song is saved without any extension. how can I do?

Unclear, explain in more detail, examples, ...

ok i had written waw instead of wav😅sorry really. The audio quality is really better and now my app works !! One last question: is there a component that can recognize if headphones have been inserted into the mobile phone or not?

if you are looking for an extension you always can do a search in the extensions directory yourself here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

see for example


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Great Thread!

Can the music be streaming from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, etc.? I see that you have several sources in your code. One source is a URL, and the others are paths on your device.