How do I save a CSV file in the ASD and share it from there?

Hello, I'm fighting with share component :see_no_evil:
My code works well with companion but doesn't work with my phone pixel 6a android 13 (other tests are coming with other phones )
Here some block , there is some error ? I can save the file correctly , read it and save data in the app but I can't share it with google drive or any other app. After long click no actions, no menu for choosing , the exists path got false . Which is my error. It's about saving code or share component?
I tried also without file:// in the path but nothing

Thanks for reply or any help

I can read the file after saving it .
Probably I tried it but I want to try again. Also in sharing component I can set only /backup.csv?

No. The Sharing component needs an absolute or full path.

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If FileScope is set to App (default) grafik then the file is redirected to the ASD (by only setting the fileName e.g. backup.csv).

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This is a full path:

and without file:// it is an absolute path.

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wow probably this is the only way I can't tried
Now I have /backup.csv for save and read and you ASD path + /backup.csv for sharing .
Works good

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Fine, but next time please open a new topic, since this it not related to the original topic.

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thanks for explanation , is very difficult for me to manage this information , a lot of technical informations.
Now I will try the download blcok ..thanks

ok, sorry.
I thought about my error using your extention

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