How do I read int mem?

Can I read from this file and how can I read or copy from the phone memory from the txt file to the internal file in mit app inventor

Your screenshot shows tha advanced file component...

Use the normal file component to copy files to ASD...

Which file exactly are you talking about? How was it generated and by whom?


Hello Omar

Can you read a .txt file from either the phone's storage or from the App's Assets (Media) - yes. Depending on your Android version, there are Google Security measures that restrict access to most of the Android directories (folders). Full explanation here:

The file is created from the computer and sent to the memory and read through the mit app

What memory - where is this memory?

How do you do that? Please explain in detail step by step...

How do you read it? What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


Inside the file there are more than 15,000 thousand lines, and this happens slowly in recovering the value because the file is 1.5 megabytes in size. My question is is it possible to open the text file inside mit and when opening the app, all the content is copied from memory to the text file inside mit? Is it possible to solve the problem when Read the file faster to recover the value.🥲

Reading the file is more or less fast, what takes time is your for each item in list loop... how to you display your data? Why do you need that loop? You might want to redesign your app... this might help


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Thanks :blush:

Are you expecting to read that long file ata EVERY app startup?

Why not store it in TinyDB, with item name as tag and price as value, only on the first run?

Is there an example

We would need a file representative of the file you intend to use.

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