How do I get local map showing on app?

As title... I presume Google maps and no doubt related to location? Also is there another map facility?

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Yes App Inventor users can use Google maps using the WebViewer. AI2 has a Map component that uses OpenStreetMap ( OSM ) map tiles.

What you do depends on what you want. Here are the community discussions

A simple map using Map How to put my location on a map might be what you are looking for,

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Many thanks again. I have reproduced the blocks in that last example, and I am stuck on the very last part. The facility to join gives me two join slots. How can I get it to 3?

I've got that now. Used the star on the block to get settings! But my map is not the local one. It is the Cambridge (Mass?) one

Got it now! I had a blank spacer between latitude and longitude instead of a comma! Many thanks Steve! All OK now!

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