How do I get data Uri .mp3 file time?

Thanks but how do I join that with the TaifunPlayer.CurrentPosition?
And sorry for not replying fast.

So the only way to do that is using Kodular?
Thanks for replying.

No, it's easier with Kodular, but it's also possible with AI2.

I see that some blocks are kind of the same as Taifun's Player extension.
So can you tell me what's the replacement?

It's late here, maybe more tomorrow ...
As I said it is possible. Show your blocks (and post the aia or a test aia).

Ok, no problem.

On my app there's a bug in the music notification for the two skip song buttons so, please don't press them if you do, refresh the companion.
I'm trying to fix that bug!
Headphones (1).aia (773.8 KB)
I know that the name doesn't match the app, it's just that I was doing something else before the music player app.

And I'll delete the aia tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because I don't want my game to be a victim of plagiarism.

Another bug that's on the app is that when you choose a song from the list view, the seconds doesn't appear.
Of course I'm trying to fix those bugs!

I think instead of starting with building an app, you should start with tutorials to learn coding basics in appinventor ...

I made a few fixes:
Headphones (2).aia (736.9 KB)

  • removed built-in Player component, works with Taifun Player.
  • I made the progress bar from the Canvas component, with a little imagination you can customize it as you want...clicking on the bar also works,
  • the list only contains file names, not whole pathes, it looks better.
  • I corrected the time display
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Note: The MediaStyleNotification (.PlayMusicNotification) does no longer work on Android 11 devices.


See also here:

Thanks for the fixes!

So the music notification doesn't work for android 11?

Well, I'm the type of guy that likes to learn while programming.

And also, this is an app that I've created that's is working a 100%

You can give me feedback on the play store if you want! :smiley:

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What could be misleading about this statement :question:

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