How do I extract the coordinates from the response content in navigation

Yes I did :slight_smile:

Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: This means Adam will have to convert All the directions to a List to obtain the results of the FeatureCollection Coordinates.
because using a dictionary will not provide the first item in the FC coordinates.

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Show us?

oh ye agnostics

Note that the waypoint numbers are 0-indexed whereas lists in App Inventor are 1-based, so you will need to add 1 to each waypoint index of interest to get the corresponding point in the coordinates array

Understood, but we have an AI2 dictionary (of "dictionaries" and "lists") so when you break it down the indexes will start at 1 ?

Okay, will remember that if ever using values of tag 'waypoints'. But the domain of AI2 list indices remains 1,2,3,... as used in a Select Item from List block, though you might have to adjust waypoint numbers to fit into that domain.