How do I divide a word into letters?

The task was to make an application for guessing missing letters from words, with most of the task I coped, but when I got to the point where I need to divide my words from the global variable and display on the screen, then I tried a bunch of examples from existing answers, but either I am somewhere constantly miscalculating or they do not suit me,
Could you help me with this?

  1. take a word from the global variable
  2. Split it into letters
  3. create a local list of letters in the correct order.
  4. take one letter into another list
  5. display the existing list on the screen
  6. compare what the user wrote with our letter.
    I'm not sure if this is the way to do it, but if there is another way, I'd be glad to give you a hint!

use empty string to split the word.

Maybe this string distance function can help?