How do I change wallpaper?

any of you know how to change the phone wallpaper?

You could search the community for wallpaper (use the magnifying glass) ,. If you do that, you should find these discussions One or more will probably help you find out what the community recommends.

I have looked at everything but I can't find the solution.

Oh? Using System Wallpaper and there are other options if you look harder.

But I want to change the wallpaper, not to get it

You didn't scroll down that linked page far enough :wink:


I have found that they have made an extension here Wallpaper Manager problem? but I have compiled it and it gives me error, I have also tried with the activity starter and it doesn't work either.

and I don't want to pay an extension

I have found the solution, I have complied the extension made by @Salman_Dev Wallpaper Manager problem?


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