How do I become a power user?

this is not true as I can see the statistics, Leader Count != Power User Count


You must also prove:

  1. You have grey hair or hair that will turn grey within a week of becoming a Power User (bald people are exempt).
  2. You enjoy having to repeat yourself over and over again, helping a User to bug-fix an App that NASA would be proud of and needs to be more secure than Fort Knox, even though it's for personal use only.
  3. You can smell malicious intent, even when the User claims to be 9 years old
  4. You have an uninterruptible supply (of coffee).

You will need a short and unique monicker to distinguish yourself from the other Power Users, and to also shield your personal identity from casual pestering.

This sample has not been used yet:


Feel free to use it.


:rofla: :rofla: :rofla:

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:la gioia: :la gioia: :la gioia:

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Hmm... that's very interesting. Whenever someone signs up with their email address they are automatically granted the MIT badge which gives them a leader badge as well. The MIT count should be much higher but I'm not sure why it only shows 9.


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