How do I address eg. buttons?

I have several buttons which should be set "visible" or "invisible" depending on the settings I have made before. Here you can see my example. (the settings are saved in a list where the items are lists)

The problem is: I cannot address in a loop all buttons because I cannot write like this:
Can you tell me with which method I can achieve my goal? Otherwise i would have to copy the blocks 20 times and well that would be very ugly^^

Associate a unique piece of text with each component whose state you want to save in TinyDB.
Define a dictionary with those pieces of text as keys and the associated component blocks as values.
Use the generic (Any) blocks on the values.

For a sample, see how the keyboard is updated in this sample:

Okay, I think i understand. But I feel like this doesnt work on multi-screen? I have a settings-screen where I wanna save all Settings and let the second Screen just adjust according to the Settings. So my Buttons are on Screen 2 whereas my coding is on Screen1. => I cannot address the components in list like you do in your example(because they doesnt exist in Screen1..)

But at least now it is working, but i didnt need dictionary for that

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