How can you sense when phone button is clicked?

Hello! I'm trying to develop an app that continues when a phone button is pressed (ideally, the home button or the volume button). Is there any way to connect MIT App Inventor to the phone's buttons? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

This extension can detect change in volume settings. So can be used to detect Volume button press.

Apart from this App Inventor has inbuilt block to detect Back Press button click.

For home button click this should work fine:
com.sunny.HomeWatcher.aix (8.5 KB)

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'vknow360' Thanks for answering,
HomeWatcher.aix does not work for me.
tried the: when homebutton clicked block


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You need to use the StartWatching block, to do what the name suggests.

You may put it in the Screen1.Initialize event.