How can i use the file extension for IOS

hey i've been asked to make an IOS soundboard app. however i came across an issue

i was specifically requested to code an ability to add new sounds/music and play them.
to do this, i figured id use the phones file directory and have the app look and list files in a music directory on the phone. however two issues came up. since im working with an apple device(never used apple before, the person who asked me to make this app wanted it made specifically for apple devices) i don't know how apple file directory works nor i don't know if the file extension even supports Apple. can someone suggest a way to fix this or a way to call media files from the device?

  • extensions currently are not available for ios. Third party extensions only work with Android at the present time.

You should be able to do this using the Player component. Perhaps an ios user will explain how.

Okay. So in the mean time I can just add whatever media files I want to play in app inventor and have the player call them?

Essentially true if you use an Taifun's File extension and build for Android. Here is a discussion
How can I make it so that music (mp3 files) can be played from the external SD card, whether directly or indirectly? that is a bit complex and convoluted.

What you need to do depends on which Android version you are using. The simplified instructions that are contained in Taifun's File extension documentation might work more or less as written App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps . Wish I could be more helpful; many things have changed recently with App Inventor and Googles requirements for coding. Player works; File Extension is necessary to properly locate where the music files are on your Android or it might be possible using the new File component that is part of nb187 (the latest App Inventor release).

Try something; if you run into issues, ask again. :slight_smile:

thanks for the help. i wish i could do more since my client wanted it built for apple instead of android. Taifun's File extension is what i did try using but a error accord. i understand what i can do now. hopefully soon App Inventor will support .Ipa (download file for apple devices like .apk for android)