How can I use one signal push notification in mit app? Anybody tried it?

I tried several times and not able to achieve push notification for my app. My goal is to send push notification to installed users.

One Signal Push Notification discussions in the forum. You could have searched using the magnifing glass icon to search the community. :slight_smile:

What did you try? An extension? An example?

  1. I used firebase extension in mit.

  2. I tried using the app id that I got from one signal after submiting firebase details.

  3. But, the one signal is not recognizing the installed devices. That is the real issue I have been facing.
    So, how can I check by sending push notification on the devices in which my app is installed.

Its not working in Kodular as well. installed devices are not recognized by one signal. So, we are not able to test it.

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You can try


may I know that why you are recommending to use paid subscription and not the free one. Is it that they stopped offering the free version?

You asked:

An answer was provided.

It seems that the "free version" no longer works. It just so happens that a paid extension provides the solution to your need.

okay. Thankyou very much.

Hi, I contacted onesignal customer care, they say that it is possible to use free subscription as well. Can you or anyone guide me to proceed in mit? Thankyou.

Yes, One-Signal subscription is free. But a subscription alone without an extension to AppInvemtor does nothing. Well you have several options. Ask one signal support for a free extension, write the extension yourself, or pay someone to write the extension.


there is also this solution

but it looks like it does not work anymore? at least I haven't seen someone using it successfully lately... you might be the one,,,


I think the only reasonable solution is paid extension. The one you showed was for sending notifications, it used ApiRest.

One Signal provides an api, may make small changes and that's why it doesn't work anymore.

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