How can I use mathematical formulas?

Dear All,

I’m a beginner, I like to use mathematical formulas, starting with a simple one. I don't understand how to build a simple addition or multiplication .. etc.

Does anyone know any examples of this?

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Norbert Varga

Welcome Norbert

Use the Math blocks Blocks. (click on the blue link)

This simple example may get you started Norbert.

Try some Blocks. If you have questions, ask again here. :slight_smile:

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Search the Gallery for "calculator".
Also see

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Thank you for your answear Steve!
I mean, for example, how do I implement the action on the display?

example: 3 multiplied by 3, equal to 9

We use variables in Excel, here I want to create applications similarly

Do you know such a solution?

Now it is your turn. Experiment.

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You're great, Steve! Thank you very much!

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