How can I Refresh Google Map WebViewer When I change the Coordinates?

instead of

com/m aps/@ try com/maps/@

The link is actually as follows

Finally, after a lot of attempts, trouble and our wasted time

I have discovered the cause of the problem

The problem is not with the blocks, but with the coordinates that I copy from Google Map and paste them into the coordinates textbox.

The coordinates of any point ( Marker ) in Google Map. There is a blank space after the comma that must be removed :grinning: :joy:

Is there a way to automatically remove this space from the coordinate text ?

Yes , I added this block to remove the distance between the coordinates, if any, and then separate the longitude and latitude

replacement =empty


Is there a way to automatically transfer google map coordinate to the app textbox when the user mark any location ?

I Don't Know :thinking:


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