How can i make an that show me the last sms received from a specific number whenever i open the app

i want to make an that reads last sms of particular number and then display on label whenever i open the app,
i want make this app becoz my previous App is only working when it is running after killing from background it does not display the messages recieved from the specific number.

pls help

You might want to experiment with the texting extension


how can i download this extension

check the Download section on that webpage

Scroll to the bottom of the site.

thanks buddy , i got it

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hey buddy could help me, to read sms from a specific number,
which screen i had uploaded in this app , it show all the messages from the inbox how can i read sms from a specific number,
i mean to say i just want to display the content of that particular number on label

the answer is in Q1 of the FAQ here App Inventor Extensions: Texting | Pura Vida Apps

convert the JSON format into a list of lists, then use a for each item in list loop to check each sms for that specific number, the first sms you find having that number is the sms you are looking for.