How can I make an object scanner that can provide options on the scanned object

Would you help me on how I can create an app where I can scan a plastic and then it gives me more recycling details to that object.

You can try this extension/tutorial TMIC: App Inventor Extension for the Deployment of Image Classification Models Exported from Teachable Machine

Whether you can do that depends on whether you have models for each type of plastic.
If your image is identified as plasticType1 provide code to say 'type one can be recycled when ...; plastic Type2 can be recycled etc.

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@SteveJG .
Thank you so much.
This is exactly what I need. :relaxed::pray:

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Sorry for asking about this topic again. I'm asking cause I'm still troubling on how I can make a plastic classifier which can show video results of the classified plastic ( I mean the results of the classified plastic be in video form, a list of videos on the classified plastic).
Any one to help me on that,if there is any tutorial that can explain to me step by step or anything else cause I'm still a beginner.:pray: