How can i made a HTML viewer?

I want to do something that directly shows the result of a html code on the screen (it is to make a custom list viewer) but I can't find the way, what I want is something like this:blocks (4)
obviously that image is not of a real component, but it is an example of what I want, it is fine if you have to download an extension

It is up to you. If you want display and edit only text, you could use a label with HTML FORMAT option checked else if you want kind of a website, you can use the webview component but the the HTML properties will be uneditable.

how can i use HTML FORMAT on local HTML (web view)?

Use this extension :

See that extension has this block :

thx i will try it

You're welcome


i have a error in emulator after this component (test proyect)

A month ago I saw a post, in which a person wanted to display a huge paragraph that was edited and I remember that person was asked to use web viewer component to open a HTML file provided with the assets.

try to build the app

lo quiero hacer directo sin archivos, porque sera un chat y no puedo permitir un archivo constante

ups spanish

Use this method I think, this would help.

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yt.deephost.htmlview/classes.jar dont charge

oo :thinking: :rofl:

Sir, I have made a project for the html viewer, without using any extension.

Please try my project :
HTMLViewer.aia (1.9 KB)

  • if my project is successful, i will create a topic for this with updates some features.

Best Regards,
Salman Dev



customise to your liking from there

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Can I make a topic out of this ?, I hope you can try my project

Given the poor standard of block coding in your aia, I would suggest you consider: whether it is actually necessary (after all, you have already had a go at a Notes App which is very similar), you do more work, have a clear plan about what you want to achieve, ask questions, have people to test your beta.

So you know, new tutorials/guides will initially be unlisted until approved by forum staff

Thanks @TIMAI2, I will consider that,

THX! it works, i will use files