How can ı get question in api

I use this api code but I cant get the question ;

{"response_code":0,"results":[{"category":"Animals","type":"boolean","difficulty":"easy","question":"The Killer Whale is considered a type of dolphin.","correct_answer":"True","incorrect_answers":["False"]}]}


question is a key in a dictionary.
this dictionary is 1st item of a list.
this list is the value of results.

so the key path is results - 1 - question

How can I split the incorrect answers for other buttons

( Api = )

Try this extension

If you don't want to use extension then to get incorrect answers you need to use select list item with index block, as this api returns incorrect answers as a list of 3 options you need to call them by selecting list items with index 1, 2 and 3.

I have a sample at

using a ListView for buttons.