How can I create a delay block to call a method? (schedule when an sms text is sent)

I am new at using MIT App inventor. I am working to make an app which send a text at the time of users choice. How can I add this delay to call sendmessage method at that time of choice?

how the user make his choice? press a button? tick a checkbox? select from listview?
then send the message in the relevant event.

Use the clock component


The user will type a message in the text_box and will select the time from the time_picker, it will be the time he wants the message to be delivered. Then he will press the send_delay button to queue the message to send at the time of hos choice.

when send_delay_button.clicked,
caculate the delay duration, set it as the clock.timerinterval, set the clock.timerEnabled to true.

when clock.timer
set clock.timerEnabled to false
send the message.

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How can I calculate the delay duration between system time and user-selected time?

You can adapt this according to your need,

Note, it is not possible to schedule an event in the future and expect it to execute unless:

  • you prevent your app from sleeping
  • use a background extension.
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